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In early recovery, we all need safe housing and a supportive group of people as we begin our rebuilding process.

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Sober Living In NJ

GPS Recovery are structured sober living residences located at the Jersey Shore in Ocean County, New Jersey. Our main goal is to work with our clients to achieve long term recovery. and GPS believes this can done by giving residents the ability to experience recovery in a real life setting. Residents are given the opportunity to learn and develop their own tools to empower them on their journey. Learning how to live and deal in the world drug free with support, structure, and collaboration.

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"Knowledge about the world gained through direct, first-hand involvement in everyday events rather than through representations constructed by other people." - Oxford University Press

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." - Leo Tolstoy

GPS Recovery

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GPS Recovery

Upscale Recovery Houses Near The Beach

Our recovery houses near the beach offer a unique blend of relaxed living and focused recovery. Designed for men that want to put their life back together, our upscale homes provide a comfortable, yet dedicated environment for overcoming addiction and finding a new way to live. The founders have struck a balance, creating a space where you can unwind by the beach while staying committed to your recovery journey. It's the ideal place to find peace and progress, combining the laid-back beach vibe with the structure and support essential for successful recovery.

"The essence of recovery is a lived experience of improved life quality and a sense of empowerment; those principles of recovery focus on the central ideas of hope, choice, freedom, and aspiration that are experienced rather than diagnosed and occur in real life settings rather than in the rarified atmosphere of clinical settings. Recovery is a process rather than an end state, with the goal being an ongoing quest for a better life."  -David Beat and Alexandre Laudat

Three Guarantees For Our

Safe & Structured Living Space


We provide a secure and well-ordered environment, free from drugs and alcohol, we cater to individuals who are overcoming substance abuse challenges and are committed to their journey of recovery.


We foster an environment that motivates residents to transform negative thought patterns, set and pursue meaningful goals, and embrace the process of personal reinvention.


We offer a comprehensive accountability program, complete with a robust support network and a nurturing recovery community, to ensure ongoing support and guidance for our residents.

From Our Residents

Testimonials of hope & change

“I have been to multiple recovery houses and GPS is by far my favorite. I had lost all hope, and the team at GPS Recovery saved my life.”
Jeffrey M
Former Resident
"GPS changed my life, it's unlike any other recovery house I've been to or heard about. I lived in the house for a total of a year and The owners Chris and Chuck helped each resident individually and do everything they can to help get people back on their feet. The house is run similar to a family where everyone cares and is there for each other. I owe it to Chris, Chuck and the guys I lived with in the house to set me on the proper path that I'm on today."
Former Resident
"Gps gave me structure and got me back on my feet financially. They helped me to regain my life skills and capture my will forever grateful for what they helped me acheive."
Tim R
Former Resident

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