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GPS Recovery


GPS Recovery is a structured sober living residence as such your success and continuance in this environment is dependent upon your consistent good behavior and cooperation. Disruptive and/or discourteous behavior will not be tolerated. Any contact with illegal drugs and/or alcohol and/or violation of any of the following Rules & Guidelines can/will result in eviction.

  • Consumption or possession alcohol and use or possession of illegal drugs in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Use and/or possession of drugs and/or alcohol will result in eviction from GPS Recovery Homes. If evicted for drugs and/or alcohol the residents will be given an opportunity for treatment options. If a resident refuses treatment the resident must make arrangements to leave GPS Recovery Homes in timely manner.
  • Residents are required to submit to a Drug and Alcohol Test at any time when requested by house managers or proprietors.
  • Refusal and/or failure to provide an adequate sample will be treated the same as a positive test result. Any attempt to cheat/circumvent the test will result in a fine/eviction.
  • All prescription medications need to be disclosed with House Manager(s) or proprietors of GPS Recovery. Residents must report all medications to House Manager upon intake. Sharing medications will result in eviction. Residents are held responsible at all times for taking their own medications and having them secured in their lock box.
  • Any other medication(s) will only be permitted if they are prescribed to you by a doctor and must be taken as prescribed. All prescribed Medication(s)/controlled substances found to be abused by a house member will result in eviction!
  • Support group attendance (12 step meetings; SMART Recovery; support groups; one-one counseling is strongly encouraged/recommended to promote long term recovery.
  • New Residents of GPS Recovery Homes – while no blackout period exist – New Residents are asked to assimilate to house culture which is done by being around the house.  This period is roughly 2-3 weeks.
  • Residents are required to maintain employment and/volunteering if not working must be actively seeking work or volunteering opportunities. Sitting around the house all day will not be tolerated and is not consistent with achieving progress.
  • Honesty and integrity are pivotal aspects of the recovery process. As a member of our recovery housing community, if a violation of the rules and regulations are witnessed, it is the responsibility of that house member to report any wrongdoings to a House Manager or proprietor.
  • Lying, Cheating & Stealing are strictly prohibited. If caught, you will be fined and/or evicted.
  • Confrontations will not be tolerated and physical acts or threats of violence will result expulsion. All conflicts are expected to be brought to the House Manager’s attention immediately.   Conflicts are to be expected in sober living from time to time, and learning to deal with conflict is part of recovery.
  • GPS Recovery houses may have indoor security cameras placed openly in common areas for accountability and security purposes. If shall an incident occurs, I understand that any security footage may be reviewed when necessary while residing at GPS Recovery.
  • GPS Recovery Homes are not responsible (at any time) for a resident’s personal item’s/belonging(s). Residents are responsible for the security and safekeeping of their own personal items.
  • Disruptive/Discourteous behavior will not be tolerated and can/will result in eviction.
  • Possession of weapons and threats of violence towards other house members is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • Personal guests are not permitted at the house beyond your curfew and are asked to stay in the common areas.
  • Guests cannot be under the influence or in possession of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Curfew is 10 pm Sunday -Thursday, 12:00 am Friday & Saturday. However, curfews change and become flexible once Residents are doing what is asked of them and a certain level of trust exist.
  • However, Residents must adhere to stricter curfews if determined by other entities outside of GPS Recovery Homes (i.e.; Parole or Probation). Failure to return to the house on time can/will result in eviction.
  • House quiet time is 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. Any activity (i.e., lights, loud TV, telephone conversations, music, etc.) that disturb another resident’s ability to sleep/rest is prohibited. Be respectful and mindful to other house members.
  • House Meetings are held weekly at a date/time determined by house managers and GPS Recovery.  House meetings are important part of the culture at GPS Recovery and attendance is required.
  • Residents are not permitted in any bedroom other than their own without permission from the resident(s) residing in that room; they must also be accompanied by the permitting resident.
  • Thermostat is to be adjusted by the House Manager or most senior house member only.
  • Washer & Dryer — Be courteous. Clean dryer lint screen before and after every use and do not leave clothes unattended in the washer/dryer.
  • A good General Clean-up of all areas inside & outside the home is required at all times.
  • Beds are required to be made upon awakening. Respective areas are to be kept neat, clean and picked up at all times.
  • Turn off lights, TV’s, Radio’s, Fans, etc., when not in use. Exterior doors are required to be closed and locked when entering/exiting; no exceptions!
  • Residents are prohibited from locking bedroom doors. THIS IS A MUST. Any resident who gives the front or back door keypad access code to any non-house member will be evicted.
  • Sleeping in common areas is prohibited.
  • Kitchen—Appliances, Counter-tops, Utensils, Dishes, Pots, Pans, etc. will be cleaned and returned to their respective place (immediately) after each use.
  • Refrigerator/Food – be respectful of other Residents’ food and do not take something that is not yours.
  • Be respectful and courteous of other house members and the house. Part of recovery is learning how to deal with others as well as taking care of yourself and the area you live in.


I willfully and knowingly enter into this agreement with GPS Recovery LLC. I have read and understand the rules and regulations outlined in this contract and agree to follow them. I understand that the fees paid to GPS do not constitute rent, therefore I have no Tenant Rights. As a guest, I know that failing to follow the house rules will result in my immediate dismissal from the house. I will leave the property in timely manner and will not return without permission. GPS Recovery LLC is not responsible for personal effects and as curiosity will hold personal belongings left on the property for 60 days after which it will be donated.  If on probation or parole, I understand GPS Recovery is obliged to be honest and forthright will my P.O.


  • GPS Recovery provides strictly a sober living facility only and does not provide any counseling, nor restrict the undersigned from making their own personal choices as long as they do not violate facility rules as outlined in their contract for residence. Therefore, GPS Recovery LLC is not liable for any free will decisions made by residents, which includes but is not limited to any self-harming behaviors such as relapse, overdose, and/or death.
  • GPS Recovery LLC will provide a housing facility in normal condition, and shall not be held liable by the undersigned for any injury or loss to the tenant, or their belongings. The undersigned, by and through their signature, acknowledges that they are responsible for any injury or accident and will forever hold harmless GPS Recovery LLC unless said provider is negligent in the cause of the loss.
  • The undersigned understands that GPS Recovery LLC carries only insurance to cover the dwelling and business assets located in the dwelling.
  • The undersigned will immediately notify GPS Recovery LLC, in writing, of any incident resulting in injury or loss. This will include a full accounting of the incident details.
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"GPS gave me structure and got me back on my feet financially. They helped me to regain my life skills and capture my will forever grateful for what they helped me acheive."
Tim R
Former Resident

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